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If you are looking for a reliable fireplace installer, your search ends here at Royal Decor Kitchens. For past many years, we are assisting the residential clients with an array of gas fireplace installation services at an affordable cost.

Whether you want a new fireplace or need to replace an existing one, we have got your needs covered. Our team designs and crafts a fireplace of your choice. We’ll discuss with you the installation details, giving you the peace of mind knowing that the job is handled by the professionals.

What We Offer?

Being a family owned and operated company, Royal Decor Kitchens specializes in installing almost every type and size of fireplace, right from the traditional to modern. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Fireplace Fitting
  • Traditional Open Fireplace
  • Modern Stoves & Fireplace
  • New Chimney Systems
  • Wall Chimney Systems
  • Multi-fuel Installation
  • Chimney Sweeping

Why Choose Us?

Our team of qualified fireplace installers ensure the highest quality of service to our customers, right from the start to finish. Even after we’re gone, we provide follow-up inspection and servicing to make sure your new fireplace keeps performing great for a long time to come. Each installation we do complies with the local safety regulations and standards.

Call us today, and you can receive a free estimate! It’s so simple and quick.


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